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Sliding barn door hardware is the hardware attached to sliding barn doors to make them move. They are what is needed to make a sliding barn door properly function. Many resources online provide barn door hardware specifically designed for sliding doors. Shoppers can find some decent selections and pricing if they do their research online.

"Hafele" is one of those websites where top quality barn door hardware products can be found. There are several options available for the customer to choose from. If they are undecided, each option contains a picture and a detailed description for their convenience. Hafele provides a nice page dedicated to barn door hardware for glass doors. Most people don’t consider glass for their barn door material, but it makes a beautiful décor and it can be durable if proper maintenance is applied.

Some of their categories for glass doors include: Flatec, Unotec, Deutec, and Tritec. Clicking on the type of hardware will produce a detailed summary of the product. For example; the Tritec model has a smooth, quiet operation, requires a simple installation, and it’s maintenance free. The fitting set includes an upper track, three to four wall attachments, two door stoppers, two running gears, and one lower guide. The customer can choose their desired length for the product.

Amazon is never a disappointment when shopping for anything. So it’s no surprise that they have a large selection of sliding barn door hardware available. The Old Farm Wheel Edition costs $260, has a unique spoked wheel, includes an eight foot track, works for interior or exterior doors, is made entirely of steel, and it’s black in color; meaning it will match anything in the room.

The Nylon Barn Door Hardware, designed by Rustica Hardware, is six feet in legth with a black finish. It goes for $253 and includes rollers that are known for being the quietest on the market. It’s durable to most any chemical and includes everything needed to install.

"Houzz" is not a retailer, but it will give newcomers or those who are completely unfamiliar with sliding barn door hardware a chance to look at some ideas. This website has literally 405 sliding barn door ideas; along with photos, comments, and descriptions. This is a great website to visit when having doubts about how to remodel the barn.


"Barn door hardware" is a trusted website for sliding barn door hardware, and has many options and styles available. The customer can actually request a quote or call customer service for help. This website has four main categories when selecting the best sliding door hardware, including the spoke flat track, the standard flat track, stainless steel, and tubular track. Stainless steel is an excellent material to consider for barn door hardware because it’s durable and appealing.

Stainless steel is also easy to clean and doesn’t stain easily. The stainless steel model has several different varieties, such as the Duplex, Klassik, and Midway. Another material to consider is Tubular Track. Tubular track has three different varieties: Baldur, Olden, and Rob Roy. Clicking on a specific variety will produce another page, which contains in-depth information about the product and pictures of different views.

Finding the best hardware for a sliding barn door can all be done online, with these resources. Comparing prices and quality is always a good idea before making purchases. These websites offer the best products for sliding barn doors and the customer won’t be disappointed.