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Barn door sliding hardware is a set of handy tools and items that are designed to make the traditional barn door more efficient and easier to use. Unlike in the past when barn meant just that things have since changed drastically with an adoption of highly effective and great looking sliding doors that can be fit anywhere in the house with fantastic results. These doors tend to be on the outside and slide easily making them a delight to operate.

Moreover while looking to make ones home stand out by transforming its entire look these doors offer great aesthetic features that are quite hard to resist. Most home owners have also been drawn to these doors due to their ease in installation which requires no expert training and their general ease in maintenance even after many years.

While looking for many different odds and ends that tend to considerably improve the workings of these doors the following is a list of a few items that one should always look out for.


Track spacers and hangers

These two items are essential barn door sliding hardware that usually makes it very easy to install and use this door. Track spacers vary in length depending on the track length and are used for mounting the hardware. On the other hand the track hangers are curved like a candy cane with flat squared-off ends and two are usually needed per door.

Door glide

This is another important item that usually comes with all barn doors. This item also known as a nylon door glide tends to prevent the door from sliding out of place at anytime which can cause accidents. Additionally this barn door sliding hardware ensures that the door doesn’t slide off the wall by keeping it flat against the wall when in movement. This item is usually placed right next to the door frame for best results.