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Around 4 years ago and after 20 years of working on a corporate job, I reached a point in my life that I had enough of all the corporate politics and I wasn't anymore sure if I could waste my life anymore on a dead end job. That is when I decided to do some serious research on Internet marketing and how to make a living having passive income.

My research led me to realize the best thing to do is to build sites around small niches that I have expert knowledge and then make them rank well on different search engines. Then using services like Adsense by Google by Bing (Microsoft) to serve advertisements on the website.

I also needed to make sure to get enough visitors to our site at least to bootstrap the flow of visitors. There are generally 3 mechanism to make that happen:

  1. Advertisement: Which is not practical for our case as the money paid for advertisement is going to be more than the money earned through advertisement.
  2. Word of mouth: Asking friends, family and colleague to visit the site. This approach is also lacking as the audience is extremely limited and they are also not relevant audience. Also asking friends and family to visit your site and potentially click on the ads is always against advertisers policy.
  3. Finally the other solution is to get good search results ranking for relevant keywords. That way we will get to have access to a limitless source of audience which are not only relevant to our niche but because of their direct search they are already in the market. This is the kind of visitors advertisers love and are willing to pay good money for.

As it was obvious beside having good and relevant content we had to work on the 3rd objective. To achieve those there is also important steps that needed to be done:

  1. The contents of the site had to be all relevant to our niche
  2. We had to do research on keywords that people search when they look for sites regarding our niche
  3. We had to review at least the first 20 results on Google and Bing and make sure our site has a keyword density similar to them. To achieve that we used a free keyword density checker by
  4. Use a good hosting provider that also focuses on seo aspect of their service, for this we used SEO Host