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Sliding barn door hardware refers to the tools needed to make a sliding barn door function. This type of hardware can be purchased from many home improvement stores. The best way to search for top-quality products is by going online and typing in “sliding barn door hardware”. This will produce several results, all containing prices and descriptions of the different types of barn door hardware.

There are thousands of different styles of sliding barn door hardware, and most of them can be found by searching on websites specifically designed just for barn doors décor.

“Realsliding hardware” is a trusted source for finding the best barn door hardware. This website includes numerous barn door hardware right on their front page, along with a detailed picture and their price. Some of the models include the Hex Bar Modern Sliding Hardware for $981, the Rustic Alder Real Barn Door Kit for $490, Aero Barn Door Hardware for $353, Classic Barn Door Hardware for $353, Stainless Aero Barn Door Hardware for $661, and Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware for $682. These are just a few options out of the many that are available.


Every product contains more information when its picture is clicked; such as their availability, size, color, wheel style, door thickness, and lag bolts. The customer can change some of these qualities to exactly what they want. For instance, the Hammered Barn Door Hardware automatically comes in the color black, but the customer can change it to bronze or gray if they wish. Changing the color could change the price.

“Barn door hardware” is another source for barn door hardware. The website is very easy to use and customer service is always available for any questions or concerns. Their categories for sliding hardware include spoke flat track, standard flat track, stainless steel, and tubular track. Clicking on one category will produce more categories of that specific model. For example, when the standard flat track is clicked, more pictures will come up of its different styles. The standard flat track includes the following styles: arrowhead, straight, horseshoe, teardrop, straight with 21 inch strap, top mount, tee shape, wide teardrop, swivel, and spoke tee. This page will also list the different finishes for the product.

For the standard flat track, the customer can choose between the following finishes: standard black, unfinished, clear coated, machine polished, mill stainless, brushed stainless, painted bronze, weathered rust, powder coat, brushed steel, and black with clear coated wheel. While these may seem like insignificant details, they will matter as a sense of décor. If everything else in the barn is black, then the customer should pick the standard black model for their door hardware. For new users or those who are installing the door hardware themselves, there is also a standard flat track installation video.

“Hardware sliding door” contains not only barn door hardware for sale, but sliding barn door hardware kits as well. This means that the manufacturer will provide the main tools needed for the customer to install their hardware at home, without the use of a professional. The customer will still need the standard tools for this project, but they won’t be spending money on hired help. Clicking on the Barn Doors & Hardware button will produce another website; “Rustica hardware”. This website provides numerous barn door hardware, which is not only low in price, but unique.

These websites are sure to provide information about the best sliding barn door hardware on the market. Their products are low in price, and each product contains a helpful description along with pictures. This is a better alternative to walking around the mall trying to find barn door hardware.