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Many people have barns in their yard, most of which usually have either burnt down or fallen apart. Barns can still look sophisticated if they have the right touch. Sliding bar door hardware can greatly help appearance and durability. These types of tools won’t usually be found in stores, but some home improvement stores carry the tools. However, the easiest way to find the hardware pieces is by going online and checking out different resources.

Rustica Hardware” is a website dedicated entirely to barns décor. So yes, it is still entirely possible to make that old barn fashionable again. When customers shop on this website, they buy their product directly from the manufacturer. That’s how they can be sure it’s a trusted source.

The options on this site might be a bit overwhelming at first. The best thing to do is to take slow steps and look at everything at a steady pace. The website offers the customer to search for their product by category. They can shop for hardware by style, which includes Classic and Rustic, Modern and Stainless, and Industrial and Loft. Or they can choose to shop by barn door styles; which offers Classic Barn Doors, Rustic/Reclaimed, and Modern Barn Doors.

There are also sections for door and hardware combo, bypass hardware and doors, bi parting doors and hardware, heavy duty and mini hardware, and miscellaneous hardware and décor. For a Warehouse model hardware, it will be around $595. The heavy duty Bypass Barn Door Hardware System goes for $636, a bargain from the usual $2487.98. This is an excellent choice for areas with limited space.

Barn door hardware” is another great website to try for these tools. This website lets the customer request a quote on a specific model, allowing them to enter their name into the front page or just call their customer service number. Here the user can search by categories, which include spoke flat track, standard flat track, stainless steel, and tubular track. These are all hardware needed for the sliding barn door to function. Clicking on the picture of each category will bring up all the hardware in that category; along with pictures, descriptions, sizes, and prices. The mini barn door rollers go for $290.


The large spoke hanger with a slim strap is a newer model, and it goes for $330 per pair. Stainless steel is a smart choice to go with when selecting barn door hardware. It’s durable and it looks impressive. There are many different types of stainless steel barn door hardware to choose from, including Akzent R, Chronos, Duplex, Duplex S, Klassik, Midway, Mini Max, Protec, Purist, Spider, Supra, Terra, Terra Akzent, Terra H, Terra M, Terra M XL, Twin, Vario, and Visio.

Amazon is a reliable source for pretty much everything. They carry plenty of sliding barn door hardware for low prices. For a general barn door hardware for sliding doors, there’s the six foot track standard, designed by NW Artisan Hardware. This model goes for just $230 and it’s guaranteed to last.

It’s made in the USA, consists of 100% steel, and fits almost any door. There’s also the Old Farm Wheel Edition, which goes for $260, is black in color, and entirely steel. This product includes a unique spoked wheel. For a different brand and material, the customer could go with the Nylon Barn Door Hardware. This hardware is $253 and is made by Rustica Hardware. The rollers are said to be the quietest on the market, which is a major plus.

It’s also durable against abrasions, mold, mildew, rot, and chemicals.

Real Carriage Doors” is a unique website all about sliding barn door hardware. They have numerous categories to choose from and they even have an award winning hardware; the flat track hardware. Architectural Record actually gave this hardware an award for being one of “2011’s Best Products”. The Flat Track hardware actually comes in several different models; including stainless steel, horseshoe, black, and Sienna Rust. The website contains a PDF file for newcomers in the barn door hardware business. The PDF file is labeled “Barn Door hardware brochure, all styles” and will work on most computers. There are also plenty of pictures of each of the hardware models broken down into their core parts.

The photographs include all the parts needed for each model. For example, the Flat Track Kit contains consists of the following parts: Hangers and Bolts, rail, cushioned angle stops, wall standoff, t-guide and screws, and anti-jump plates. This is helpful information for those who are unsure how sliding barn door hardware works, or are planning on buying a sliding barn door hardware kit.

The website options for finding sliding barn door hardware doesn’t just stop there. “Real sliding hardware” website has dozens of sliding hardware right on their front page, each with a high quality picture and a price of the product. This way the customer can be aware of the most significant details of their product, without having to search all over for it. Clicking on the picture of the desired product will produce a detailed drawing of each part needed for that specific hardware. On the right of the picture is the description, with options for wheel style, color, style, thickness, bolts, and quantity.

For instance, the Classic Barn Door Hardware goes for $353, is coated in black, comes in the standard wheel size, is 1/3-4 inches thick, and does not include lag bolts unless otherwise specified. On the bottom of the page is a summary about the product in question. The Horseshoe model goes for $682 and is manufactured by Real Sliding Hardware. The customer picks their own flat track sizes. It is coated in black, has Black Hush Wheels, is 1-3/4 inches thick, and does not contain lag bolts unless otherwise specified.

Finding the correct barn door handle can be a tedious process, but it’s necessary in order to receive the highest quality and most durable products. Many stores or websites carry the same models for different prices. The customer can get the most durable hardware by researching the details and comparing the prices between the same models.