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A Barn door is that part of a barn that is also serves as the leeway for people and whatever is kept in the barn. In other words, it is just a door, only that it has somewhat special features. There are different types of doors for these structures and as the owner; one will need to know them so that one can get the appropriate match for their structures. Below are some of the doors that one can use on their barns;

Strap hinged doors - This is a type of a door that uses strap like hinges. They are very versatile and many people do use these hinges for their doors depending on the size, the shape and the weight of the door. The hinges are of different shapes and lengths and even other door can’t miss its match.

When installing this door, a person is required to match the ratings of the door with those of the hinge. The hinge should always be able to support the door. It is therefore a good thing to pick a strap hinge that can take one and a half times the weight of the door.

Double Dutch hinged doors – These are also very popular. They are used in a wide array of fields but they tend to be sturdy and more purposeful in barns. This barn door comes with two pieces, the upper part and the lower part. Each of the half doors has their own hinges and the closing is either independent or interdependent.


In many instances, this type of a door is used in a horse barn. A person will then open the upper door when feeding or tending to the horse and when they want the horse to step out, then they will open both ‘half doors’.

Sliding doors – In some instances, a barn door is extremely heavy. In such circumstances, the above mentioned doors will not be effective because of the enormous weight of the door. The sliding door uses a track, mostly the bottom roller door. This type of door has on it a roller and on the ground there is a track on which the roller will be moving on. This door requires to be well maintained so that the closing and the opening does not sap all the energy of the person doing the chore. It is also important to consider the factors that affect the other doors so as to enable one make a solid well informed decision.