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Doors are used for one and a million reasons. The doors that one installs in their homes or premises have to go with the particular purposes assigned such a door.

A glass door would be inappropriate for a warehouse where metal pipes or other stuff that can break it easily are passed through.

A sliding door would therefore have to be analyzed in the same respect according to its purpose, cost and the traffic that will be passing through. These types of doors are now becoming very popular and one will not need to walk far before encountering one such door.


Types of sliding doors

The first type of a sliding door is the one that used a track at the top. This door is called the top hung door. This door has a roller at the top and the track on which it hangs is also at the top. It is somewhat hard to even tell if the mechanism, of the door is there. This type of door is usually light and is used for easy or non security reasons.

If the door is heavy that the roller can handle, then the track can give way leading to the door falling off. This type of door should also never be banged because the risk of it falling off is very real.

The second type of this door is the bottom roller. This type of door uses a track that is etched on the ground and the roller is supposed to ride on the track.

This type of door is common where security is imperative or where the human traffic is high. If a place has many people who are using such a door, then to avoid damage, then this type should be picked.

There are numerous uses of a sliding door, one of the main one being beauty and the second one being space saving. Many households and offices are using this type of doors because they save on space and room is literally created once they are used. On the other hand, the same doors can be used to beautify a home.

Many people use the doors as the access point to their backyard where there is a swimming pool or a garden. The disadvantage of using this type of doors is the obvious need for repairing it. Due care must also be taken not to throw stuff in the track of the door. This could lead to the door getting stuck.