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The use of the sliding doors is now becoming very popular today. They are used for patios, dividing rooms, display counters and shops and so on. The sliding door mechanism is also very common in when it comes to gates and even bar doors. In order to understand just how these doors work, a person will need to know the different parts of the door and the role they play in making the door work. One of the parts is the sliding door track.

This is one of the most important parts of the door. In fact, the door can’t work if there is no track or if it is not properly propagated.

When it comes to the track of the sliding door, a person should first understand the mechanism behind it. First of all, the track is made either on the floor or at the top of the door frame. The one at the bottom is for the bottom roller door and the one at the top is for the top hung door. This track is designed such that a roller can fit in it and still move freely.

The track should also be designed in such a way that once the roller is has been inserted, it cannot come off. This is to prevent the roller which is attached to the door from coming off.

The sliding door track must be made from hard material or rather a material that can sustain the weight of the door. Depending on the weight of the door, the person installing the roller and the track should know what type of a sliding door they should have or where to place the sliding mechanism.


If the door is heavy and there is a chance that also many people will be using it, the bottom roller track will be used. In addition to this, the bottom track is supposed to be hardy because it handles more movement and not counting that the door is pretty heavy on it.

Maintaining the sliding door tack is something that every other owner of this type of a door should be aware of. Anything that goes into the track or rail serves to block the roller which then means that the door can’t be closed or opened. When a sliding door is jammed, an expert will have to be called to undo the jam. It is imperative that stones and other rubbish are not thrown into these tracks especially the ones on the floor.