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Barns are the places where farmers and homeowners keep the livestock, store their harvests or even keep their equipments. A barn is indeed a place where almost everything else other that what can be kept in the house is kept. In order to get the full benefits of a barn, one needs to use good barn doors that will keep everything inside it safe.

Depending on the type of the barn or even the design and the size, a person should put into consideration several factors of the type of doors that they should install.

Under normal circumstances, barn doors use a special mechanism which is different from the proverbial house door hinges. Most of the doors that close these structures do not swing but rather they slide. It is for this reason that the mechanism becomes apparently important. Still there are barns whose doors are the normal type which use hinges.

Such hinges for the said doors must be strong enough to support the heavy door. Depending on the weight of the door, the size of the door and the available technology, a person is supposed to consider all the types of hinges available.

The barn doors can be defined according to the type of opening mechanism that they use. There is a strap hinges. This door has to be rated for one to know the hinge to install on it. It is always imperative that one uses hinges that can handle around one and a half times the weight of the door. The other type of hinge is the double Dutch hinges which are very common. The doors are divided into two such that there is the upper part and the lower part.


They are common for horse stables. A person would be required to open the upper part when feeding the horse. There are the sliding doors that some bards use. This is a rather heavy duty solution to the door mechanism. The door uses a system that allows it to slide just like the normal sliding door. The weight of such doors is usually heavy and it is advisable to use it if the door of a barn is way too heavy for its weight to be accommodated by normal hinges.

When buying doors for a barn, one will also need to consider the space. If one has little space, then sliding door will do and if there is space, then the other swinging doors can be used.